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I want to help my teen get more marks with less stress. Where do I start?

My teen just got a disappointing result. How do I help them?

I’m worried my teen is going to burn out. What’s your advice?

My teen isn’t motivated to study. How can I get them back on track without nagging all the time?

First critical step: find out the root cause of the lack of motivation.

There are three main reasons why students aren’t motivated to study.
It’s NEVER because they just don’t care.

I discuss this issue in my parent webinars, plus, here are two videos where I discuss this issue:

- You don’t need motivation! (Here’s what’s REALLY going on)


- Why your teen might be unmotivated.

What’s the most important skill for study success?

My teen's already so busy. How much time would they need to dedicate each week to the 10 Week Grade Transformation Program?

This is all about getting them better results with LESS effort and hours.

Hard-working students have enough to do already. 

So there’s no additional homework to submit and the content can be completed in approx 1 hour per week (and at a time that works for them).


Because it’s all online and instantly accessible, it’s totally flexible - so no need to worry about clashes with other commitments.

Does your training and coaching work for our state/education system/exam board?

I’m thinking of hiring a tutor for my teen. Do you have any advice?

Just curious. What sort of student were you as a teenager?

I want to enrol my teen in the 10 Week Grade Transformation Program. How do I do it?