Students, just like your teen, achieving the results and confidence they’re truly capable of.


It all started with the FREE Parent Guide.


Inside the 10 Week Grade Transformation Program (10WGT for short!) 
your teen doesn’t learn more and more subject content.


They DO get trained in the skills to become independent, confident and in control of their study and exams.
They gain the strategies to tackle any task with clarity and the techniques for working efficiently so they maximise the reward for their effort.


Academic performance is not a talent you’re simply born with.

It’s created through a set of skills.

And skills can be learned.

And once students have them, they have them forever.


These 10WGT students prove that it IS possible to catapult results within 10 weeks,
achieve the academic success they’ve been striving for all this time
AND do it without the late-night meltdowns or spending hours with a tutor.


You’ll find out HOW in the Free Parent Guide.



Real students:
Results they never believed possible.

Beth + Cath

'I'm a lot more confident and independent now. I feel like I can just get in and get it done'

Bethany (Y10)


'She's gone from struggling to get an A, to getting 7 A's on her very next report card'

Cath (mum of Bethany)

Josh + Tammy

'Before - I was stuck, I didn't know what I was doing...
I was a C grade student'

Josh (Y12) 


'He was the typical boy - could tell you all about a topic,
but ask him to write it :(

Now - In his latest English assignment, he got a full solid A!'

Tammy (mum of Josh)

Chelsea + Lynda

'I'm ranking 1st or 2nd in my classes and getting 90% in exams'

Chelsea (Y12)


'It's literally worked across EVERY subject!... The best thing is, I don't have to worry anymore'

Lynda (mum of Chelsea)

Josh + Susan

'I was demotivated … Now I get my results back and 'It’s worth it''.

Josh (Y9)


'He topped his Maths class' 
(and has finally become organised!)
'and I can feel that he’s more confident now'.

Susan (mum of Josh)

Jess + Nicole

'I was frustrated with my results, now I'm stoked.'

Jess (Y10)


'This gives students 'the golden ticket'.'

Nicole (mum of Jess)

Tara + Kevin + Natasha

'I now spend more time at the start, planning, and it's become a much faster process'

Tara (Y10)


'Tara's getting better results and spending less it's a win-win for us'

Kevin and Natasha (parents of Tara)



So many parents just want their child to feel rewarded for their effort.
To feel capable and confident to follow their dreams.

And to have that all-important life balance.


Where assignments take the time they’re supposed to, hobbies, sports and friendships are maintained and there’s maybe even a part-time job too. 


Your teen deserves more than just the promise of hard work = results.

They deserve results that get them excited inside (even if they don’t always wanna show it in front of their classmates) ;)

and to achieve them in a sustainable way that means YOU can stop the worry.


The Free Parent Guide is Step One.



What Teachers Are Saying

 “ Exam technique is what students need to plug that gap between their knowledge and their ability to convey it in the exam hall. Many students miss out on marks because they didn't fully grasp the question or tackle it correctly, so these skills are essential for students to excel academically and Katie is an expert in this.”


Ross Whale - Mathematics Teacher

The Scots College, Sydney

 "When it comes to helping students achieve their potential, this training (and Katie's energy and enthusiasm!) is phenomenal. It gives students the skills and confidence to become independent in their study and a lot more efficient in the way they tackle any tasks - big or small. Every student should have this training!"


Annelise Teixera - English Teacher & Private Tutor
St Hilda's School, Gold Coast